Woodard Associates has continued long standing policies and ethics that have been the cornerstone of its founder for well over three decades. Honesty and integrity are our two most important guiding principles. To this end we feel that the relationships we have with our clients and customers has to be open and allow for a free flow of ideas and communication. We back this up in writing - as demonstrated by the fact that our listing agreements can be broken by either party with written notification. We invariably look to the long term in our business relationships and endeavor to take on only what we are capable of handling in a professional manner. We believe that a transaction works if it is beneficial for all parties. We do not work for the "quick deal", but rather work to create the most viable options, taking care to truly meet the needs of our clients. These are the transactions that enhance our reputation and bring us new, as well as repeat business.


Our Commercial Real Estate Professionals have lived and worked in the Upper Valley area long enough to see several economic cycles.  We bring a wealth of experience to help you successfully complete your particular real estate transaction.  Managing Broker, Michael Woodard, has owned and managed a multi-unit residential complex, completed his own conversions of both residential and commercial properties to condominiums, and has significant experience working with various local, state and federal government agencies. Michael has worked in both the traditional manner of representing clients who have properties to sell or lease as well as working extensively in a buyer's broker capacity.

Some of the Clients and Customers with whom we have worked are:

•American Express

•Hartford School District

•United Dominion Industries

•Merrill Lynch

•Upper Valley Land Trust

•Sun Life of Canada

•Lyme Timber Company

•Dartmouth College

•Hanover Food Coop

•Mascoma Savings Bank, FSB

•Raven Bay Associates

•The Nugget Building

•Foodstop, Inc.

•Wheeler Professional Park

•New Hampshire Liquor Commission

•Red River Computer Company

•Centerra Marketplace, Inc.


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